life-style redirection

Life Builders work does not end once we leave the prisons. We provide follow-up services for the women upon their release. Services such as: mentoring, counseling, referrals for housing, job training, and school. We also provide in special cases the old fashion talk sessions...

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our reach is far

The services provided by Life Builders United are not limited to women living only in the Chicago area, we offer services to women who migrates from various Counties in the state of Illinois, we provide support as they return to society for this is an investment in the safety of our youth, families, and community...

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we provide hope & change

Life Builders are here to provide hope through training in practical transitional skills.  We stand firm in teaching mentoring skills and providing mentoring opportunities.  We serve as repairers of broken relationships between mothers with their children, while building and strengthening character within each woman we serve...

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The mission of the Life Builders United is to build families by assisting women to become stronger during and after incarceration. Life Builders United is a community post for women and youths struggling with past hurts.  We are a care organization helping women and youths to regain a positive self-image.  Life Builders is designed to reconnect, or impact the lives of women and their children who need guidance and directions to rebuild their lives.  


Become An Advocate Today...

The Life Builders United, Inc. programs and projects are designed to unify the people, and there afterward up-grade and enhance the community.  It is by passion, enthusiasm, and a dedication of the leaders who have committed to see change as they work hard to produce positive change for the families and people of the community.  Leaders who will help the people while taking on the ultimate task to shape ideals in a manner that will unify the people, and cause the neighborhood to grow.  The Life Builders United, Inc. leaders are true advocates for a hurting people, especially women who have been incarcerated and have children.