Our objective are to produce stable women who will reach back to assist the youths in the neighborhood in order to provide a safe environment for all. This is our connected and serve plan to reduce recidivism and improve public safety.

Our goals

We will assist women who are now incarcerated as they transition to the community.  Life Builders will serve as the inside-out link by:


  • Reaching the hearts and minds of women while they are incarcerated, training them to be advisors and mentors upon their release. 
  • Offering a life-style redirection that recognizes the beauty   God has so graciously bestowed upon and within them.
  •  Equipping 15-20 women within one year to reach beyond their past hurts and become strong and productive women.
  • Implementing quality programs to reduce recidivism and improve public safety.
  • Helping women discover their self-worth and find purpose in reaching out to improve the lives of women and youths in the neighborhood.
  • Providing hope through training in practical transitional skills 
  • Teaching mentoring skills and providing mentoring opportunities
  •  Repairing broken relationships between mothers with their children.

Our Story


Life Builders United, Inc is a Community based organization with a dedicated focus to assist men, women and children in the greater Chicago land and other surrounding Communities.  The mission is to redirect the lives of persons reentering into society from incarceration.  An Organization whose vision began in the heart of the first woman sentenced to death in the state of Illinois.

Ms Geraldine Smith was the first woman sentenced to death in the state of Illinois.  She was sentenced to be executed by lethal injection May 20, 1990.   After her sentencing Ms. Smith turned her face to the wall asking God to show her, his plan for her life and there afterward God implanted his plan in the depths of her soul and spirit by a vision that would help men, women and children.  From this vision LIFE BUILDERS UNITED, INC. was born, established to be a complete support post with numerous arms to assist men, women and children in various ways... Read more

Meet the Team

Our philosophy behind customer service.


Ms Geraldine Smith

Chief Servant

Ms. Geraldine Smith is the author of two books with a compelling testimony of God’s transforming power. Remember me, and A Pleasant Encounter was written during the most devastating time of her life.  They were written while she was on death row.  She is the co-author of Hagar god loves you and so do we.  Ms. Smith’s oratorical style and zeal for Christ can be heard weekly on WYCA 103.3 FM RADIO, as she hosts her own talk show- A PLEASANT ENCOUNTER, She has many accomplishment to her credit, She is a certified Legal Assistant with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the American Christian College and Seminary, she has a sanitation License through the State of Illinois Department of Public Health.


Garrett Mabry

Youth Coordinator



Constance Zuber



Next Steps...

We need your help!  We need volunteers for our programs, in-kind donations that will help our programs run smoother and make our work easier.  In addition, we need your financial support.  With your financial support we can reach more families who are in need of our help.