G.G. Group. (Grandparents and Guardians)

The G.G. Group is defined as Grandmothers and Guardians voices of authority.

This group meets to plan ways to correct conditions within the broken families driven by poverty, illusionary substances, and other forms of oppressions. (Read more...)


1319G&W is a program developed to connect girls and women in a caring relationship where mature women will serve as mentors to young girls ages 13 to 19.  The BAW is a becoming a woman profile that will help many young girls by providing wisdom and leadership to those who do not have role models. (Read more...)


Chip Network (little feet)

C.H.I.P. Network (Children Having Incarcerated Parents).  C.H.I.P. is the heartbeat of our organization, the arm that we extend with special care to make sure no child is forgotten especially during the holiday season.  During this time we provide program, food and love bags that contain various items.

The C.H.I.P Network program provide  guidance for our babes while they are in a critical learning stage...The environment is designed to reflect the interests and capabilities of children 1-5. (Read more...)


The CHIP program stands for "Children Having Incarcerated Parents."

Some of the activities involve the following:



CHIP Holiday Program & Dinner

Please support the CHIP program by making a donation today!  Your support will mean that a child will have a warm meal, a warm coat and a gift this holiday season.  Help us make a child happy this year!


--Geraldine Smith

Gardening Program

Life Builders are working to build the community inside and out!  Through our community garden the youth are learning how to eat and live healthy.



Become An Advocate Today!

The Life Builders United, Inc. programs and projects are designed to unify the people, and there afterward up-grade and enhance the community.  It is by passion, enthusiasm, and a dedication of the leaders who have committed to see change as they work hard to produce positive change for the families and people of the community.  Leaders who will help the people while taking on the ultimate task to shape ideals in a manner that will unify the people, and cause the neighborhood to grow.  The Life Builders United, Inc. leaders are true advocates for a hurting people, especially women who have been incarcerated and have children.