G.G. Group. (Grandparents and Guardians)

The G.G. Group is defined as Grandmothers and Guardians voices of authority.

This group meets to plan ways to correct conditions within the broken families driven by poverty, illusionary substances, and other forms of oppressions. They are the mature and wise minds that provide life experiences and detail ideas for the good of the entire program, and are involved in all stages of the program. They served as advisors to the programs and the building of the community through sensitive methods.


1319G&W is a program developed to connect girls and women in a caring relationship where mature women will serve as mentors to young girls ages 13 to 19. The BAW is a becoming a woman profile that will help many young girls by providing wisdom and leadership to those who do not have role models.

It is designed to redirect the life style of wayward girls and those needing positive models to work with them and beside them. Our aim is to provide a positive and structured environment while including programs that will teach, and demonstrate the basic instructions of how to grow gracefully into a woman of value.

The construction of this program is designed to display trust, while aiding young girls to become stronger as they grow into maturity. Tucked away inside this program profile are skills building segments. Basic life skills, etiquettes, encouragement, self-esteem classes and other desired talent building opportunities.

One of the goals inside this program is to help young women and girls to succeed and fulfill their short and long-term goals. Our program is offered to any race, and without any denomination specifications. Our BAW program will start with 15-20 young girls 13-19 years of age.

The 1319G&W will out-reach to various mature women across the state to take on leadership roles as Guidance over youths in need. The completions goal for the BAW. is set for one year, yet we will not leave any youth until she is ready to become a woman. We wish to establish a certificate program that will lead to scholarships in higher educational institutions.

Chip Network (little feet)

C.H.I.P. Network (Children Having Incarcerated Parents). C.H.I.P. is the heartbeat of our organization, the arm that we extend with special care to make sure no child is forgotten especially during the holiday season. During this time we provide program, food and love bags that contain various items.

The C.H.I.P Network program provide guidance for our babes while they are in a critical learning stage. A place where we are able to direct their behavior toward positive goals and good behavior. Inside the curriculum we will provide an environment with attention given to each child special need. The environment is designed to reflect the interests and capabilities of children 1-5.

C.H.I.P. special design is focus on the special need of small children to play as they learn, connect with new friends, explore creative art by their design and man;y other programs that will aid and assist in the learning processes for our babes.

Our program includes a feeling-face game of learning, where a child will feel the face of another with his or her eyes closed, a test of the sense of feel and the value of attention. The art of dance is more than just dancing to our children, it is a method of learning by listening and doing. We embrace this art for a double reason the learning aspect will bring about culture knowledge that will allow each one to understand the action and sometime the behavior of others.

We offer a read aloud imitative to impress the little feet to learn to read and introduction to various music, and out work for the day display. Along with our blind taste test is a fun project that will involve all children ages 1-5. All our projects, such as feet painting, banner painting, art creation , and outdoor adventures are designed to enhance the ability to learn in so many ways.