Life Builders are here to provide hope through training in practical transitional skills. We stand firm in teaching mentoring skills and providing mentoring opportunities. We serve as repairers of broken relationships between mothers with their children, while building and strengthening character within each woman we serve. On our table of agenda is the G.G. Group. (Grandparents and Guardians) It is our desire to implement a solid plan that will build relationships between them in order to connect mothers in a more applicable manner. They are the mature and wise minds that provide life experiences and detail ideas for the good of the entire program. We are determined to help bridged the distance between parents and their children through education first, as we remain dedicated in our position of being the bridge linking both parents and child together during and after incarceration.

Life Builders United is a dedicated organization, that embrace the building of families, we are careful and place a prayerful hedge around all children, we are delighted to serve others, we are determined to help redirect the lives of broken women, we are obedient to God, and with your help we will remain faithful to this cause.